Yesterday the tag was created for this question about an oeis sequence. I assume that this tag would be used in the future for other oeis sequence questions (There was no usage guide or description until I added one simply linking to oeis.org).

Every question about an oeis sequence will most obviously also be tagged with the sequence sequence tag is it really worth having an tag?

On the other hand this tag could be used to mark questions that are about the oeis rather than a specific sequence such as this one. However I could not find any other questions like that and it seems that, of the one question already tagged , it is not being used like that at current.


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As Nathan Merrill mentioned, yes, we treat it as such. See this meta post.

Technically though, if you're talking about tag synonyms, it is not an "official" tag synonym. I already edited the tags on the question you linked, and the tag must exist to be suggested as a tag synonym.


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