Here is a search for these. (currently 42 7 of them, but some are things like "Tips for making Polyglots" and thus don't need the tag.

Here is a search for all tips questions that don't have a scoring criterion.

The consensus is that questions should be tagged with the applicable challenge type, i.e. fastest-code, code-golf, etc.

Should we go through and add the tag to the 30-some questions that need it?

(I'm not arguing they should be tagged as such, I'm saying we should make a clean-up effort and add that tag)

This not a dupe.

This has been done. 7 questions remain that don't have as a tag, 5 of which are closed. Of these, one of the open ones is , and the other open question is Tips for creating polyglots and doesn't need any scoring tags.

Of the closed ones:


Considering that the consensus is to add the tag of the challenge type to the tips question, I think it'd be a good idea to update existing tips questions.

In order to avoid bumping them all at once, this should be done gradually.

Though it's in the question, here it is again:

A List of Tips Questions not Tagged with [code-golf]


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