I'm new to this site, and I see that it is called "Programming Puzzles & Code Golf", and that its url is https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/

If I look at the front page of questions, I see that almost all of them have a tag called "code-golf": https://i.stack.imgur.com/QOlh9.jpg (I'm not including the image inline here, because it's rather long).

Looking through the history, it is awfully hard to find questions that are not tagged code-golf, and are still open / have positive votes. But after figuring out the search syntax, I find that the following are the ones asked in 2017:

Many of these questions are highly voted, though some have very few answers. Some are related to code-golf (like the Python tips question), but some are not. And I really enjoy the questions that are not code-golf.

Which brings me to my question: given that most questions on this site are code-golf, would it help to have a tag for questions that are not code-golf, so that they can be easier to find? (Of course in the process of asking the question I figured out a search query that I can use personally, but I wonder if there are other people who might be interested in such questions.)


No, such a tag would not be useful. Tags describe what challenges are, not what they are not.

Code golf challenges are the most popular type of challenge on this site, so it can be hard to find challenges that aren't code golf. You can use this list of tags to find challenges with other winning criteria.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks, I'm marking this answer as accepted because it's clear that the community consensus is against a "not-code-golf" tag, and more importantly because that exhaustive list of challenge-type tags (assuming every question has one of them) will serve the purpose quite nicely. \$\endgroup\$ – ShreevatsaR Feb 21 '17 at 6:40

No, adding would have no use

You can already search for things that are not tagged with -[code-golf]. So there would no help people who are searching for them. In addition it would add an extra tag to pretty much every , , , etc. challenge. This would knock tags off of questions that are already at the tag limit. This would overall make it harder for users to find challenges they like that are not .


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