Is there an easy way to find if I already answered to a specific question? This extrapolation of the Stackoverflow format to a code golf site sometimes seems very inadequate!


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You can search for

user:me inquestion:???

Where ??? is the question ID you'll find in the URL of the question. This works on all SEs.


Using search works well and is useful for a number of things (e.g., finding all answers in language X to a specific question), but since golf is all about minimizing strokes, here's another way.

  1. First, make sure you've enabled keyboard shortcuts. You can do this by going to your Preferences and checking Enable keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Check that you're not focusing any text area or input field.

  3. Press A. This will focus the answer field if you haven't answered the question yet, but display a popup asking Are you sure you want to add another answer? if you have.

Naturally, this doesn't work for closed/locked questions.

If keyboard shortcuts aren't available for some reason, you can still scroll to the bottom of the page to check is there is a Post Your Answer button or an Add Another Answer button. In most browsers, you achieve this by pressing End.


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