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For "Hello, World!", you can save an extra 1 byte by using copy("Hello, World"). However, I am confused on if it's allowed for your output to be the clipboard.

The question's rules say:

  • The program must take no input, and print Hello, World! to STDOUT (this exact byte stream, including capitalization and punctuation) plus an optional trailing newline, and nothing else.
  • The program must not write anything to STDERR.

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In general

I've proposed Programs may write output to the clipboard yesterday and it has received a mixed response (+2/-4) so far. At this point, writing to the clipboard is not a valid form of output by default, and it might very well never become one.

Regarding “Hello, World!”

The challenge states very clearly that the output must be printed to STDOUT, so whatever the default may be, the clipboard is not a valid output format for this challenge.


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