I have an idea for a question and, in my opinion, I believe that it is quite a difficult problem to code in the first place, let alone to golf.

I've seen questions being closed for duplicates, being off-topic and others but was wondering if my question could be closed or put on hold for being too difficult (or too easy for that matter)? Obviously I don't want this and haven't found anything regarding this so I wanted to know.


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Challenges of all difficulties are usually welcome here, Even ones that aren't proven solvable. If a challenge is too unwelcoming, or too hard, it may receive no or negative attention, but it should never be considered off topic, in case those who prefer a challenge want to give it a shot.

And most importantly, it's very difficult to say if something is objectively too hard. We're varying levels of skill, trying to enforce whether or not something is too hard is, ironically, too hard.


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