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Is a crossed out 4 still a 4?

There seems to be a running joke on Code Golf that "A crossed out 4 is still a 4".

On Find an Illegal String, Step Hen posted the following answer.

Taxi,  4  5 bytes

crossed out 4 is still 4 :(


This post linked to Mayube's answer for User Appreciation Challenge #1: Dennis ♦

Braingolf, 4 3 bytes [non-competing]

crossed out 4 is still regular 4 :(


Which linked to Challenger5's answer for Better Hex Color Codes for Your Internet

CJam, 45 <s>44</s> 42 40 36 bytes

q(\0se|_,("6* 3* 2e* )f{} _W=+ "S/=~

Which included the following exchange in the comments:

Some formatting <s>not</s> required.... <s></s> – SteveFest

@SteveFest But crossed out 44 is still regular 44... – Challenger5

Aw! You got me! I forgot that! – SteveFest

This hyperlink chain then continues to link through a multitude of answers written by different users on different questions.

Step Hen's answer on Find an Illegal String
Mayube's answer on User Appreciation Challenge #1: Dennis ♦
Challenger5's comment on Better Hex Color Codes for Your Internet
Fatalize's answer on Closest 7-Distinct-Prime Product
George Gibson's answer on Compute the first N digits of e
GamrCorps's answer on Substitution cipher
daavko's answer on Swap, delete and repeat
Mego's answer on Implement a Truth-Machine
AdmBorkBork's comment on Rotate the anti-diagonals
→ ...And so on and so forth.

What is the running joke with crossed out 4s? How did the joke get started? Does this chain of hyperlinks have an end?

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As linked in the comments, the memes page was deleted by the moderator team. The related meme's description can be seen in the screenshot below.

I agree with their decision to delete the meme page for the same reason that you have asked this question. Because people keep referencing it in their answers. It's more annoying than helpful, so I'm hoping that the page's deletion will allow us all to forget about it, because it's also annoying when people keep linking to the meme in their answers. We've seen it a thousand times, and it's hackneyed.

enter image description here

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    \$\begingroup\$ I love how in the examples the cross is actually visible lol \$\endgroup\$ – HyperNeutrino Jul 20 '17 at 22:31

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