How would physically constructed logic be scored? Say, for example, a mixture of resistors, diodes, wires, and 74xx/4000 type ICs.

Handmade logic fits the "programming language" criteria, as using only the above listed components, a Brainfuck interpreter could be constructed. However, there is no way to score it, which makes it impossible to use on PPCG until a scoring mechanism is decided.

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Languages are defined by their implementations

Handmade logic doesn't have an implementation per se, you need to specify one (eg. Verilog or another HDL) and count the bytes of the .v file (in case of Verilog).

If you can't find an implementation that supports the components you want to use or you're unhappy with the found one(s) (eg. because they're ungolfy) nobody will hinder you from implementing your own Golf-HDL.


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