I was scrolling through the posts tagged with "Game" and noticed that it involved quite a few code golf competitions. Just for the sake of clarity and ease while searching, I believe that the definitions of some tags should be clarified to be as follows:

  1. Challenge: A play thing with an objective.
  2. Competition: A challenge taken by multiple players where the players can not interfere with each other, but otherwise are trying to be better than the other players.
  3. Game: A challenge, except that the players can interfere with each other.

I got the definitions from this Vsauce video starting at around 2:45

Under these new definitions, a typical code golf should be tagged with "competition", things like "king-of-the-hill" are classified as a "game".


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does clarify to which challenges it applies. From its tag wiki:

This challenge is generally based upon, related to, or simulates a game or some portion of one.

Use the more specific tags over this one: , , , , . For specific types of games, use , ,

That means both code golf and KotH challenges can bear the game tag, assuming they're based on games.

Your definition of game as a challenge, except that the players can interfere with each other is the actual definition of . Its wiki excerpt says:

King-of-the-hill indicates a game where the submissions interact with and compete against each other in some form of game. Competitions which pit programs against each other without interaction should rather use .

So redefining the game tag would just make it a synonym of the KoTH tag.

Finally, a competition tag would apply to pretty much all challenges except KoTH, so it feels a bit redundant.


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