In accordance with our meta agreement, since one candidate received more votes than the others, we have a new featured language! Throughout May 2021, our Language of the Month will be:


What's a Language of the Month?

See the meta post for nominations. In short, during May, those who wish to participate should learn (at least the basics of) Vyxal, and use it to solve challenges. Participation is completely optional, but is anticipated to be fun!

Information about Vyxal

Taken from the nomination post and from the README.md in the official GitHub repository

Vyxal is the latest addition to the plethora of stack-based languages used for code golfing. But unlike its competitors, Vyxal has a special focus upon readability and elegancy. Indeed, the codepage has been specially chosen to be as mnemonic as possible. Further, constructs from practical languages (such as functions, lambdas and easy list manipulation) are present.

  • Vyxal has been known to repeatedly win against languages like 05ab1e, Jelly and Pyth... it managed to beat Dennis in fizzbuzz

  • It has features designed to make it feel analogous to practical languages while remaining concise

  • It has reached version 2.0, so all heavy development has been completed

  • Bugs are fixed relatively quickly: 10 of the most recent issues were all promptly addressed


Unlike previous LoTMs, in addition to a 50 rep bounty for first anwers, the deadlineless 300 rep bounty will also be awarded. Post 5 Vyxal answers and you'll get an easy 300 rep added to your account.



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List of all Vyxal solutions posted in May 2021

(First time posters highlighted in bold, and bounty claimers in italics)

List of all Vyxal tips posted in May 2021

List of Vyxal-related challenges posted in May 2021

  • add entries in the form:

      [<challenge title>](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/<question-ID>) by [username](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/users/<user-ID>)

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