We currently have two questions asking for tips about golfing languages:

Why did this happen, and what should we do about this?


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Don't do anything

The first was closed because it doesn't come anywhere near close enough to the standards we require on a question's scope. It asks 4 questions at once, and answers could literally be anything that might constitute golfing advice. In particular,

Do you have any suggestions for this language?


What features do you find useful?

are blatantly not part of a question we allow here, as they're entirely subjective.

The second one is a much better version of this question. It's still rather broad, and it overlaps somewhat with this question about community engagement. However, it asks for tips in designing a language to be good at code golf, as well as tips for actually implementing that. Additionally, it mainly asks for advice around generally creating a language, rather than specific features that would do well in a golfing language, meaning that this precedent doesn't apply here.

It's not too unusual for older, lower quality questions to be re-asked as an improved challenge. This is yet another example, just as a question, rather than a challenge.

I don't have anything against closing the older one as a dupe, but given that it's low visibility, already closed and inactive, what's the point?


In my opinion:

  • the second question is better specified, but is even less focussed
  • in actual fact, neither of them are too un-focussed to be problematic (they're , which is inherently quite open-ended)
  • the questions are nevertheless similar enough to warrant closing one as a duplicate of the other
    • since the second is better specified and has some answers already, it should be the target and the first one should be the duplicate
  • the best course of action is therefore to close the first as a duplicate of the second

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