The other day I had idea on how to troll my colleague, which was "underhand bejeweled" - favorite procrastination tool for both of us. And the idea is basically "program me bejeweled which cannot be lost"

Being pretty junior programmer myself, I have idea that

  1. I cannot complete it myself
  2. If I ask it here as underhand challenge, the code output would be pretty huge

So, long story short:

How much code challenge for underhand is too much? And would that question be on-topic here?


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"program me bejeweled which cannot be lost" is very broad and is likely to be closed as "too broad".

You can make it less broad though, by adding more specification, for example:

  • Specify how you cannot lose, for example: by using cheat codes, by giving optimal tiles (and specify 'optimal tiles') ...
  • Specify how the graphics should look like: ASCII, images ...

You'll also have to specify the winning criterion: for a , you need to have a very clear spec. If it's a , you should still leave some room for creativity, but keep in mind that it should be a programming contest and not a "build the best game" contest.

I suggest posting your challenge in the Sandbox, then people can comment on it and suggest improvements before the challenge gets posted on the main site.


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