has only two questions:

The second one is closed as off-topic.

The first one isn't really even to do with reverse engineering in the software related sense - it's basically "reverse engineering" in the same sense that subtracting two numbers is "reverse engineering" of adding two numbers.

Its tag info is unhelpful:

For challenges involving reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering is the process of figuring out how something works by analyzing it.

So I propose we delete it.

The only argument I can think of in favour of keeping it, is that it might be suitable for some -type questions - but there's already for that!


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Agreed, delete

I think you make a solid case that the tag is currently not worth keeping: it is on a small number of questions, some of which are closed; the tag wiki info provides almost no usage guidance, and any that I could think of editing in would make the tag incredibly broad; and, overall, seems like the perfect target for some tag pruning.

Given that it's only on two questions at the moment, it should be non-disruptive to just edit it out of the tags on those two, and let the tag Roomba delete it in the next week or so.


Could be useful for

Specifically, I've been thinking about ones that would require reverse-engineering how a language works in order to write a certain program in it. Not sure how good of a case this is for keeping it, since it can always be recreated if necessary, but it does seem like it could apply to some interesting and on-topic posts.

  • \$\begingroup\$ could still make this a challenge anyway, would still be cool even if it didnt have an empty tag to go along with it :P \$\endgroup\$ Jun 23, 2022 at 0:50

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