Currently, Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event, if they get chosen, are subsequently edited to mention that this language was learned on such-and-such a date. We've brought up in chat the possibility of deleting old nominations, like we do for Language of the Month nominations. The idea seems to have support, but nobody has done much about it. So let's make an actual decision. Should we delete old LYAL nominations that have already been learned (for great good)? Why or why not?


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Currently, whenever looking for the next language, we have to scroll through all the previously learned ones. It's just annoying to search through and find the top-voted ones that haven't been done already.

Deleting learned languages would make this a lot easier.

Also, we're not losing any history - a list of all past LYALs can easily be obtained from TNB search, and the answers are still viewable to 10k+ users.

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