About 9 years ago, every question about was locked and asking new questions about this topic was banned. If you missed this, I created a subreddit for this, and hopefully we can make it to Stack Exchange! I will make a proposal on Area 51 soon.


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This is a bad idea

Firstly, read We need to take an official stance on code trolling, cause, well, it explains better than I could why is a very poor fit for the Stack Exchange model.

Secondly, don't make a proposal on Area 51 - it's gonna get closed as soon as you do. That said, a subreddit isn't a bad call; of all the places code trolling might be appreciated, Reddit is a decent option.

has been dead and banned for almost a decade now, and for good reason. In short, it is close to impossible to consistently write quality questions, and the rare few that do work aren't even good fits for CGCC, even with our loose fit into the SE model. If you wanna do some , do it in The Nineteenth Byte. Anything on main will be closed, and there's zero chance an entire site will be created by it, given that the entire network dislikes it.


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