The three newest questions are all in negative territory. I am new here and it does not seem very friendly. In a high traffic site I can see the luxury of being negative occasionally but please be more encouraging.


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I'm not sure what you mean by "hateful", so I'm going to assume that you mean

Why are people downvoting questions?

The short answer is because they think they're bad questions. In fact, I've just voted to close one of them, and another one is already closed.

Writing a good question takes effort, and should be encouraged with upvotes. But precisely because of that, a good question can easily be swamped in bad questions, and this will never be a high-traffic site if all of the questions are poorly specified or off-topic. We don't want to encourage bad questions. In fact, discouraging them is a good thing. The site is better off having a few good questions than a lot of crap.


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