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How to Make Code Golf More Enjoyable: Winners by Language?

So, I was reading the related question here, when I went off on a tangent. The point of the given post, as I read it, is that certain languages like GolfScript, K, and some other extremely-high level ...
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Language Handicap [duplicate]

This question is because my favorite language C++ does not lend itself to code golf. Now I could try and pick up a new scripting language (like golf-script) or brush up on an old favorite (perl), but ...
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Should we combine answers where the same code works in many different languages?

Take this recent challenge for example. There are many languages where the shortest solution is simply *. Likewise, for other trivial challenges, the same 1-byte ...
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Metadata for answers?

It would be great to have an option in answers to add metadata. (This would be most useful for questions tagged code-golf, but maybe also other tags?) You would be able to put in the language, the ...
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How to remind users to "try not to upvote trivial solutions"

There has been a well-established meta consensus that people should try not to upvote trivial answers, but it is difficult to post reminders of it if it is not included in the OP. The most effective ...
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What is the point of unicode gibberish?

It's been a few years since I came back into this forum to play some code golf and I am seeing a flood of unicode only "languages" where large operations are hidden in a single unicode character and ...
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Closing as Duplicate on Meta

There are some questions about the setup of the site that get asked time and time again on Meta. These include allowing code-golfing languages, language-based handicaps, duplicate-closing on the main ...
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Codegolf rules and boundaries

So last time, I was hanging on codegolf, and came across the question Print the digital root, where one guy replied here with a one-byte code. Of course, it takes advantages of the built-in and ...
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Why aren't answers ordered by byte count for code golf challenges?

If the shortest code wins, at least when there is the code-golf tag, why is the list ordered using votes and not code size?
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Add an option to disable upvoting for your post

Note: Martin Ender made a very good point, that votes can act as a reward for e.g. a well-written explanation. I remember thinking in those terms a long time ago, but hadn't thought about it that way ...
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Code-golf contest is biased towards certain languages

I counted the number of wins in the code-golf contests. Only questions with more than 2 answers and that have a selected answer (marked green) were counted. Here is the result: Do you find this ...
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Real Coding Skill [duplicate]

Most puzzles and questions asked on CodeGolf are interesting and challenging. However, usually the answers that win are created from pre-fabricated languages designed for golfing code. This seems ...
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Why are golfing languages allowed?

I'm a bit confused about the use of golfing languages in golfing challenges. In the standard loopholes there is a point about using self-made languages that solve the problem in one symbol. And it's a ...
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How can I encourage voting for non-golf languages? [duplicate]

I don't like golf languages, and I vote on solutions using them only if the solution has some extraordinary feature (like abusing a bug in the interpreter). How can I encourage people to vote this ...
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Does it actually make fun using golf-focused languages for golf type questions? [duplicate]

I am a programmer, and know many programming languages, as everyone here does. Those languages have a productive purpose, a real-world application. Python and Ruby have a clean syntax and are good ...
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