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Is Minipy fair? [duplicate]

Minipy is an extension to Python 3 that changes the names of many functions, adds other useful functions, and automatically imports modules. Because it is Python (Just with assignment statements ...
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To what extent are external libraries/modules allowed? [duplicate]

Consider a simple code where the coder imports an external library/module to solve a particular problem. In most cases it will be a built-in library, no problem. But what if someone creates his/her ...
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Loopholes that are forbidden by default

There are a number of standard loopholes which experienced question-setters seek to explicitly close. However, inexperienced question-setters may unintentionally leave them open, or respondents may ...
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What are programming languages? [duplicate]

Often, answers to questions asking for "programs" or talking about "programming languages" utilize things like sed, awk, … in ...
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Can I write a golfing library?

(This might be a duplicate of another question but all of its answers were vague nonanswers, and I can't find it again, so here goes...) I like python3 and I'm quite good at it; it's rather verbose ...
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Is a code golfing library legitimate? [duplicate]

My read on the current state of meta.CG opinion is that the use of libraries is acceptable and that the library call should count in the character count: Use of built-in functions and libraries in ...
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How should vim answers be scored?

I like vim a lot. I've been golfing with it a lot recently. We already have clearly established that vim is a programming language, but there aren't any clear rules on how to score vim answers. The ...
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Should answers to fixed-output challenges be written in a programming language?

We have a definition of what we consider a valid programming language for answers on PPCG. (If you disagree with this definition, please do so on that other post, and not here.) The one type of ...
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On "interactive" answers and other special conditions

Interactive languages (and related issues) have afflicted me with a bunch of gripes regarding character count and program testing. Clarifying these should help coders in other languages like ...
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Introducing a New Golf Language

So over the past week I've developed Just Another Interpreted Stack-Base Language (JAISBaL for short), and I had a few questions: Is there any reason JAISBaL would be illegal to use for the general <...
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Is HTML/CSS a programming language?

CSS can simulate rule 110 and thus is turing complete. Thus HTML + CSS is considered a programming language for our definition. However, as user @TimmyD mentioned appropriately HTML+CSS is Turing-...
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Using libraries in solutions

Languages differ greatly in the amount of functionality contained in the main namespace. Most of the PHP main functions, have counterparts in Perl core libraries. What should the policy be on ...
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Can you mix an Esolang with HTML?

I've seen tons of Javascript + HTML answers, however... I was wondering if it's okay to compete in a graphical-output challenge such as: Use 16 colors while writing Hey! 4 times Using an 05AB1E ...
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Is this language allowed? [duplicate]

I invented a new programming language, called CodeGolfSolver. When running a program, it converts the characters to digits in base 1114111, interprets it as a ...
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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...

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