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Should graphical-output challenges accept straight up image files by default?

I've often seen some questions tagged graphical-output and kolmogorov-complexity that have some answer being image files, and they are often disagreements in the comments. examples: ...
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Should the programming language be Turing-Complete? [duplicate]

The question appeared on chat. For the Hello, world! problem Uryyb, jbeyq! is a solution in rot13, but rot13 is not a general purpose language. Should these ...
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What should be the process for updating an established consensus?

There's many cases in which someone has a question about what site policy should be, people come up with suggestions, and one of them becomes highly popular and thus is treated as a rule. So far, ...
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Why are golfing languages allowed?

I'm a bit confused about the use of golfing languages in golfing challenges. In the standard loopholes there is a point about using self-made languages that solve the problem in one symbol. And it's a ...
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Answers written in "joke" languages [duplicate]

As an answer to this question, I wrote an answer in the "programming language" 2014 (screenshot). The answer was deleted, accompanied with this note: I'm temporarily removing this post in ...
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Can I answer in a microcontroller programming language?

I study electronics, and from time to time we use microcontrollers and have an emulator program to test the code with inputs and outputs to see the result. Would this form of coding be allowed? If so,...
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Can I use Power Query "M" Language - and what should it be called?

I enjoy using Power Query "M" language (Microsoft Reference) Is this language permitted - and in cases where the language name is to be used, should this be referred to as ...
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Would a tips on verifying languages be on topic?

I thought it would be helpful to have a question with tips on demonstrating that a system fits our definition of a language. I feel that it would be helpful for language writers to have a section for ...
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