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Why are golfing languages allowed?

I'm a bit confused about the use of golfing languages in golfing challenges. In the standard loopholes there is a point about using self-made languages that solve the problem in one symbol. And it's a ...
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In bash, can I use non-coreutil programs

Since bash scripts (or any other Linux shell scripts) are accepted as a programming language, I wonder what (Linux) programs are accepted as callable from the command line. It seems that it is ...
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Rust Golfing Crates

So, i have started creating a golfing library for Rust, as i saw some questions about it here, with some pretty good response. The usual requirement, was usually including the include statement in the ...
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Non-standard command line calls

Note this isn't about command line flags, which already have a consensus here. There was a recent PHP answer involving multiple PHP files. Normally, programs with multiple files are either using one ...
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