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A proposal on command line flags [duplicate]

I've been thinking about command line flags for a while, and I think that we should stop adding them to our byte counts. And instead consider different invocations to be different languages. Now ...
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Scoring mandatory but varying command-line arguments [duplicate]

I made a language (and its not based on Brain-flak for once!). My language, Klein requires that you specify a topological surface in which the program is embedded. Currently this means passing 3 ...
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Loopholes that are forbidden by default

There are a number of standard loopholes which experienced question-setters seek to explicitly close. However, inexperienced question-setters may unintentionally leave them open, or respondents may ...
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Default for Code Golf: Input/Output methods

It looks like we have a consensus that we want certain defaults for the format which answers are expected in for code-golf. On that poll, the question arose twice, which input/output formats should be ...
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What are programming languages? [duplicate]

Often, answers to questions asking for "programs" or talking about "programming languages" utilize things like sed, awk, … in ...
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New users' guides to golfing rules in specific languages

What are the most important rules a first-time golfer in a given language should know? For instance, how do golfed programs usually take input and output? Each language should have a single CW answer ...
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Potential execution flag rule break

I am currently developing a golfing language for a specific type of task. I was hoping to use some command line flags for different options in the language. Since the language is intended to be a ...
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On "interactive" answers and other special conditions

Interactive languages (and related issues) have afflicted me with a bunch of gripes regarding character count and program testing. Clarifying these should help coders in other languages like ...
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Ruleset for RGS's Golfing Showdown - competition is over!

RGS RGS stands for RGS's Golfing Showdown, a golfing competition. The competition has ended, final leaderboard at the end of this post! 1 - The format The RGS will be a virtual golfing competition ...
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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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Default / Recommended Ruling on counting Implementation-Variants of Languages as different?

In my most recent challenge, which was scored by number of languages in a polyglot the following question came up: Do different [..] implementations of the same language count as different ...
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Can a C submission be in the form of a macro defined by command line argument?

In this question, the current C solution is f(n){n=n?:1;} Obviously this command line is shorter by 2 bytes: -Df(n)=n?:1 ...
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Is the "no MetaGolfScript" rule somehow formalized?

A disadvantage of the "default rules as answers" is that the rules don't have a common, organizing, "formal" thought behind them. I'm talking about this one here. I understand it as applying to "...
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Interpreter flags for controlling output: considered cheating?

I'm creating a programming language aimed at code golf puzzles. The language has an internal set of tapes, where the computations are saved and then retrieved to the user. At the end of the program, ...
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Byte compression in scores

I am asking this because Vyxal, and mainly Vyxal has a compression algorithm to shave bytes off. I think of this as a bit unfair, so I would like to propose the following: If a programming language ...
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