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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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Things to avoid when writing challenges

If there is something that you find annoying / counterproductive / unfair / detrimental / no longer funny in challenges (question posts), describe it in an answer here, and propose a recommended ...
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Congratulations! Your site design is now live!

You may have noticed that the site got a bit less blue today! Thank you so much for your input over the last few weeks. This has been a great process and I really hope you like your new theme. We ...
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Should we change our name?

This site may have been built primarily on code-golf challenges and puzzles that have no winning criteria, but we have evolved away from that. Our name is outdated, and we should rebrand ourselves. ...
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Here's your site design preview!

Three great discussions and 6-8 weeks later, I'm here to introduce you to your new site design! Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas to the discussion -- there were many great points of ...
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Should we consider planning a move off StackExchange?

Should we consider planning to move Code Golf to our own site outside the Stack Exchange network? Reasons to consider leaving This post was spurred by recent events, but it's been in my mind for a ...
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A subtitle for our site name

UPDATE: New site name chosen! This site is now "Code Golf & Coding Challenges" Thank you all so much for participating in this discussion! Following Catija's comment on the site name meta ...
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What should this site be called now that it has a name?

This post says: This site is now "Code Golf & Coding Challenges" Indeed, this is what it says in our banner too: CODE GOLF & coding challenges But our tour page says: Welcome ...
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CGCC Blog Post #2: The history of PPCG and CGCC

We recently turned 10 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't really realise and therefore didn't really celebrate or even mark the occasion. But, it got me thinking about the history of the site, and now ...
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Is CGCC culture compatible with competitive programming culture?

A few days ago, a post called The puzzle masters behind Facebook's Hacker Cup explain how they craft questions appeared on the Stack Overflow blog and is currently promoted on the sidebar of related ...
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