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Our favicon is ugly and asymmetric. Let's fix it! [duplicate]

The favicon for this site has ugly and asymmetric corners: Compared to the corresponding icons for other beta SE sites, which only have one pixel cut off from each corner, I find the upper corners ...
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Let's pick an icon for codegolf.SE? [duplicate]

This 'beta' icon for codegolf.SE is pretty lame. So, in order to create a framework for my own proposal (I dare you to do better!), I ask "What's a good icon for Programming Puzzles and Code-Golf?"
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Would PPCG user interface design contests be out of place? [duplicate]

We are still in beta and, as far as I know, stuck with the standard beta user interface of stack exchange sites. But clearly other stack exchanges have custom layouts and graphics for their logo, ...
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Cannot close a question even though >500 reputation [duplicate]

As you can see in the image, I cannot close the question even though I have >500 reputation. I cannot blame it on caching because I passed 500 reputation a long time ago (greater than a month).
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What should this site be called now that it's getting a design?

UPDATE: New site name chosen! This site is now "Code Golf & Coding Challenges" Thank you all so much for participating in this discussion! As we're designing the site, we are considering the ...
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Here's your site design preview!

Three great discussions and 6-8 weeks later, I'm here to introduce you to your new site design! Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas to the discussion -- there were many great points of ...
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Should we consider planning a move off StackExchange?

Should we consider planning to move Code Golf to our own site outside the Stack Exchange network? Reasons to consider leaving This post was spurred by recent events, but it's been in my mind for a ...
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CGCC Blog Post #2: The history of PPCG and CGCC

We recently turned 10 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't really realise and therefore didn't really celebrate or even mark the occasion. But, it got me thinking about the history of the site, and now ...
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New badges for new design

There's an old (2014y) conversation about this: Let's design a nice badge icon!, but without any real outcome. However, quite recently we got a new site design, including our new logo: For me it ...
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404 Not Found image is itself 404

It looks like the image that is supposed to show up in the 404 error page has...itself gone 404, and shows a broken image. It looks like it's trying to load the image from
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Typo in Site Header Banner!

An extra W here. Better get someone fixing it XD
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