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Should we combine answers where the same code works in many different languages?

Take this recent challenge for example. There are many languages where the shortest solution is simply *. Likewise, for other trivial challenges, the same 1-byte ...
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Default policy for output in decision problems

Challenges tagged as decision-problem involve "deciding whether the input meets certain criteria". Although some challenges with this tag involve more than two categories, most involve only ...
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How could the default close reasons be improved?

One of the more popular suggestions from We're not a Q&A site. But what should be done about it? was to improve the wording of the close reasons or maybe change some of them altogether. We've ...
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Should asking for malicious code be on topic?

We're occasionally getting questions which ask people to write harmful code. This used to be big when code trolling was a thing, but it's not limited to that. Every now and then there are underhanded ...
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How does this site work?

Hello, I have spent time looking at the StackExchange sites and especially this has seemed quite interesting to me. But I would like you to explain how it works and what it is about. I know how to ...
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Should we remove the reputation requirement for answering on meta?

I've been made aware that it's possible to lower the reputation threshold required to ask or answer questions on a per-site meta. A very common complaint about the sandbox is that new users, who are ...
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What is happening to PPCG?

Hi Guys & Gals and fellow golfers. I just want to ask a question and hopefully get some meaningful answers. I am a relative newbie on PPCG with a rep of only around 2.5k. That suits me but I am ...
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Are Non-Programming golf puzzles allowed?

The name of this Stack Exchange site is "Programming Puzzles and Code golf" but I was wondering if other types of similar golf (not the sport) would be allowed or welcomed for questions. In ...
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Does PPCG fulfil a role as a catalogue for golfed solution of standard programming exercises?

Rosetta Code collects solutions to standard programming exercises in hundreds of programming languages. However, it focuses on "good" or idiomatic solutions in those languages. I'm not aware of a ...
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An info box to point new users to The Sandbox

So along with site graduation, one new option we have is an info box on the sidebar. For example, you can see what these look like on Law or Judaism Stack Exchange (directly above the "featured on ...
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What makes winning criteria "objective"?

The FAQ says (in part) All questions on this site, whether a programming puzzle or a code golf, should have [... an] objective primary winning criterion, so that it is possible to indisputably ...
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Is TIO acceptable for fastest-code questions?

I like to ask fastest-code questions. However, I don't want to run everyone's code on my PC, partly because I only have access to a slow Windows laptop at the moment and I can't imagine I could ...
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Are pure programming puzzles on topic?

The tag wiki for programming puzzle says: A programming puzzle includes a goal, a partially completed program, and rules outlining how the program can be modified. The program is specifically ...
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We Have a Messy Sandbox

It may be just me, but it seems kind of bothersome that we have 500-odd undeleted answers in the Sandbox. Many of them have already been posted for real but not edited to reflect that. More (I think ...
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What is our consensus on floating point issues?

As far as I can tell, we don't yet have a definitive Meta consensus to the following question: Are answers allowed to work "in theory" but fail in practice due to floating point issues? ...
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