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What exactly is "on the stack"

So, there's a community consensus that functions from stack based languages can leave their output on the stack. This question is about an edge case for that. Suppose the correct result is some value ...
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What mouse interactions are allowed by default as part of Input/Output?

Essentially, a user's answer in Excel (now deleted) uses the drag-down formula feature of Excel, as described in the linked related meta question. I thought that from the highest voted answer to that ...
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Choosing outputs for challenges

When the program you write for a challenge writes/outputs to multiple of the default outputs, are you, the answerer allowed to state which one is counted for the purposes for the challenge? For ...
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Newer users can't view vote counts, therefore cannot view current site consensus

So recently I've been reading through some policy recently, and besides there being a whole lot of them, I've noticed a problem. As I have less than 1k rep on the main community, I'm not an ...
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Policy on answering challenges with cumbersome I/O

We've probably all seen new users ask questions with cumbersome I/O rules, like mandatory taking the input by reading separated lines of STDIN and outputting to STDOUT to give an example. In those ...
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How should I count bytes with SQL?

First of all I want to mention that I use declarative set-based approach. So most (if no every) of my answer will be one statement without procedural part(user-defined functions, loops, control flow ...
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Does a Vim submission have to end in a certain mode?

This question came up recently in a discussion of the validity of my answer to this question. It was argued that the answer was a V submission, not a Vim submission. It is widely agreed that ...
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Should we update our ask question page?

About ten months ago, we got a new ask question page. This adds a few features: A custom modal that appears when a user asks their first question: Custom warnings in the "review" pane of ...
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Behaviour on different computers

Whilst answering questions, is it Ok to use functions/bits of code where the output will be different for some computers? For example I was thinking about adding a new time type to PYKE where the ...
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Machine code Input/Output defaults

We already have a question about default I/O for general code-golf submissions. However, entries in machine code have different built-in I/O capabilities from entries in high-level languages. Should ...
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Brain-Flak functions

Challenges by default ask for submissions that are either functions or complete programs. Historically Brain-Flak submissions have been complete programs because there is no way to define functions ...
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What is our consensus on languages which do not halt by design?

Current consensus seems to be that programs must terminate by default. This makes sense in general. However, does this bar use of languages which are not designed with a halt state (other than ...
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Defaults for word lists

Some challenges (that I'm currently mulling over with a view to posting) require that the solution produces valid words. Having to embed an entire dictionary in a code-golf entry isn't the point of ...
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Are Vim script solutions that does not print the output but starts a vim session with output legal?

I wrote this answer in this challenge using Vim script. I think I was really creative and got very proud of my solution. But I am not so sure if this is legal because this program does not print its ...
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Are languages targeting FPGAs or other non-standard/non-sequential computing platforms acceptable?

So far, almost all submissions on this site are ones that target "standard" computers, namely devices that execute code in a typically linear fashion, with a standard variety of inputs/outputs (...
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