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Can we use Languages/Environments where the answer is computed automatically?

In this question, I found an answer that required no work, as the act of representing the input computed the output, on an extant, non-hypothetical system. Is this legit? It seemed a lot like using a ...
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Are we allowed to copy the output of the code to the clipboard?

Asking for a friend... For "Hello, World!", you can save an extra 1 byte by using copy("Hello, World"). However, I am confused on if it's allowed for ...
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Necessity of Wrapping Solution into Method/Function

I've noticed that sometimes people using exotic languages like Brainfuck don't ever explicitly wrap a solution into a method/function. While sometimes I see solutions in Java and such where they are ...
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Hard coding input [duplicate]

I've seen some answers that hard code the input or rely on the existence of a user-defined variable, see for example this question. The OP asked for a "function or equivalent subprogram". I don't ...
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Do programs need to take input, if it is in the spec? [duplicate]

Recently, there have been some challenges involving the OEIS. Specifically, when given an index as input, the challenge spec involves output the item in the OEIS at that index. However, for constant ...
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Not halt to prevent display from disappearing

According to Can Halting be considered output? and maybe some other links, programs should halt. However in some cases making program halt is easier(save the infinite loop in code-golf, etc.) but ...
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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...
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Why can't we take input from a variable? [duplicate]

On the default allowed I/O methods, we have come to a consensus that programs may not take input from a predefined variable. However, we have decided that anonymous functions are allowed. In the ...
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What exactly is the Criteria for a Function? [duplicate]

I got the idea for this question after reading an answer by Martin Ender here. It more-or-less says: Functions in stack-based languages can leave the output on the stack. This question is also similar ...
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What methods of input / output are legal for C++ compile-time golfing

I recently played around with C++11 compile-time golfing: Tournament Format Synonyms That is, its a C++ program which runs via templates and computes the answer during compile-time, such that it's ...
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What's a number? [duplicate]

Similar to What's a string? If a challenge says that the input will be “a number”, what data types are acceptable? Obviously, types like int and ...
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In code-golf is it always ok to print ASCII digits when an integer is asked for? [duplicate]

When the question clearly asks for an integer is it always OK to just print the ASCII digits of the integer without actually generating the integer value? The consensus is yes. It's the programs/...
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Clarification of global variables as "arguments" [duplicate]

Say language X supports functions, but input must be done through one of the predefined global variables (all initialized to zero). Can I consider this a use of an argument? Similarly can I use this ...
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Is it acceptable to take input in two different formats? [duplicate]

This isn't an issue yet, but I could see it become one sometime soon. Can I take input in two, or even more, separate formats, provided they're both reasonable formats? For example, let's say one ...
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Are C# LinqPad answers encouraged? [duplicate]

The question Find i^n, given n does not clearly state whether the solution must be a compilable program or can be an expression, neither does it identify where the input shall come from. This leads ...
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