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Should non-standard compiler flags be included in character counts? [duplicate]

In some languages using a compiler flag might significantly shorten the source file, by making the compilation command longer. Should we make inclusion of the character count of the flag in the total ...
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How do we count compiler/interpreter flags? [duplicate]

It's accepted practice to include non-standard compiler or interpreter flags in a program's byte count (most often used with Perl and Ruby, to run the program in an implicit I/O loop - but there are ...
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How do mandatory flags in new languages get counted [duplicate]

This is different then this I am writing a new code-golf language and am thinking about making two modes. One would be stack and other tacit. However you would have to specify what one you want to ...
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Command-line flags on front ends

Our standard policy regarding command-line flags states that one should count the space before the dash (-) too, when there aren't any "free" options, since it ...
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Potential execution flag rule break

I am currently developing a golfing language for a specific type of task. I was hoping to use some command line flags for different options in the language. Since the language is intended to be a ...
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General rules for custom languages and libraries

The rules for what languages and libraries are allowed on this site seem to be scattered all over the place. I'm looking for a simple check list to know if a custom language or a custom library is ...
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Counting bytes for multi-file programs

So far, submissions consisting of multiple files have simply been counted by summing up the scores of the individual files. Also file names aren't counted as long as they are arbitrary. (We do count ...
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A proposal on command line flags [duplicate]

I've been thinking about command line flags for a while, and I think that we should stop adding them to our byte counts. And instead consider different invocations to be different languages. Now ...
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PHP and warnings

Sometimes when golfing in PHP, one uses tricks as reading/pushing to an inexistent variable, or using deprecated functions such as split(), but those things outputs ...
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Can interpreter flags causing major language differences be considered different versions of the language?

I recently (this morning) extended Cubically to have an internal cube of variable size. The cube size is passed via a third interpreter flag (3 for a 3x3x3, ...
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Is HTML/CSS a programming language?

CSS can simulate rule 110 and thus is turing complete. Thus HTML + CSS is considered a programming language for our definition. However, as user @TimmyD mentioned appropriately HTML+CSS is Turing-...
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Is the PHP opening tag mandatory in byte count?

After answering the first time on PPCG on "Source code ecological footprint" I had a little discussion about it. I found it's OK if your program throws notices or warnings. But I couldn't find ...
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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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JavaScript Standards for IO

When it comes to JavaScript code-golf, there tends to be two schools of thought regarding IO (specifically printing). Some golfers will use functions such as alert,...
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How should we score compiler/interpreter build-time options?

Prompted by this comment. The scoring of optional flags passed to compilers/interpreters has already been handled here and here. However there is another case of one more level of indirection. ...
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