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Why I am leaving Code Golf

The contents of this post are solicited opinion that I have been asked by a Code Golf moderator to share with you. I understand "If you don't like it, then GEETTT OOUUTT" applies here, so I have ...
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How can we help users who are put off by the use of golfing languages?

Every other month someone expresses their (negative) feelings about golfing languages. Here is how this usually goes: they complain that they don't enjoy golfing in the languages they know because ...
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Leaderboard Snippet

I've been using a stack snippet for a while to generate leaderboards for my simpler or more popular code golf challenges. I want to share the code for this snippet here so others can use it more ...
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CGCC Blog Post #2: The history of PPCG and CGCC

We recently turned 10 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't really realise and therefore didn't really celebrate or even mark the occasion. But, it got me thinking about the history of the site, and now ...
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Advocate languages to golf in

I'm sure many of you want to attract golfers to compete in your favorite language. Given that it takes time to learn a language for golfing, why choose it over others? What aspects of the language ...
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CGCC Blog #1: Are golfing languages good or bad for the site?

Welcome to the first CGCC Blog post! After 7 years, and three attempts, we've finally started a site blog, for posts and topics that the community here on CGCC is likely to find interesting. If you'd ...
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Easy challenges and Hot Network Questions

I've noticed many challenges getting to the top of Hot Network Questions because they are really easy and get many answers that feed the activity-rewarding hotness formula. In turn, the visibility ...
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Could PPCG benefit from a new sorting mode for answers?

The default sorting for answers (by votes) seems somewhat inappropriate here on PPCG. In any case it tends to put early answers over late answers, because once a few are there, few people scroll to ...
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Announcing the CodeGolf.SE First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

This Programming Push has ended ::sigh:: But we may do another in a few weeks or months, and your high quality contributions are always welcome. Whereas The site has suffered from low traffic for ...
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How to Make Code Golf More Enjoyable: Winners by Language?

So, I was reading the related question here, when I went off on a tangent. The point of the given post, as I read it, is that certain languages like GolfScript, K, and some other extremely-high level ...
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What programming language should we consider for the code-golf solution ? [closed]

If we want to prevent having ridiculous answer for Code-Golf with esoteric language that are made up just for the challenge, we need to define what are the acceptable programming language. The ...
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On GolfScript and language bigotry

I'd like to receive people's opinions on languages "designed for golfing", such as GolfScript and FlogScript. However, since there are no FlogScript submissions on the site as of current writing, this ...
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Language Handicap [duplicate]

This question is because my favorite language C++ does not lend itself to code golf. Now I could try and pick up a new scripting language (like golf-script) or brush up on an old favorite (perl), but ...
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Closing as Duplicate on Meta

There are some questions about the setup of the site that get asked time and time again on Meta. These include allowing code-golfing languages, language-based handicaps, duplicate-closing on the main ...
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How to go with up/downvotes for answers on golf or other challenges?

This still poses a bit of a problem for me so far and I have experimented a bit (apologies to those I downvoted in those experiments). On Stack Overflow it's pretty clear what warrants an up- or ...
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