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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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Things to avoid when writing challenges

If there is something that you find annoying / counterproductive / unfair / detrimental / no longer funny in challenges (question posts), describe it in an answer here, and propose a recommended ...
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The line between art and programming

I really like this question but I know there are complaints of it being more about art than programming. I'd like to hear both sides of this and see what is in the best interest of the community and ...
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Are pure programming puzzles on topic?

The tag wiki for programming puzzle says: A programming puzzle includes a goal, a partially completed program, and rules outlining how the program can be modified. The program is specifically ...
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New First-Time Asker Dialog

This revision has been submitted to the devs to push the change, so unless there are any critical issues, this is the final version and I will not be modifying it anymore. (I have cut down the post ...
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A Modest Proposal: the [popularity-contest] tag

Over at this question, the OP doesn't want to use an objective winning criterion like code brevity, but instead wants to accept the highest-voted answer. To me, that smells like a popularity contest. ...
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FAQ/code-challenge don't seem to match actual code challenge questions

The code-challenge blurb states: A code challenge is a competition for creative ways to solve a programming puzzle for an objective criterion other than code size. The FAQ states: All ...
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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...
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Is it possible for a challenge to have hidden scoring test-cases?

Assume that the method of generating the hidden test-cases is known. (for example: a list of 5000 uniformly random integers in range [1..1000]) Reasons why hidden test cases should be allowed (that I ...
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Is "Most Elegant" objective [duplicate]

This comes up in popularity contests all the time. Most elegant as a scoring criteria (or similar). Is a popularity contest objective in and of itself by saying that most votes wins? It is very ...
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