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Default for Code Golf: Input/Output methods

It looks like we have a consensus that we want certain defaults for the format which answers are expected in for code-golf. On that poll, the question arose twice, which input/output formats should be ...
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Should submissions be allowed to exit with an error?

Suppose we have the following Python code: f=lambda x:x*2 X The first line defines a function which doubles a number. Then the second line is reached, is found ...
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When submitting a function, can global variables be declared outside the function? [duplicate]

1. When submitting a function, can global variables be declared outside the function? For example, if I have the C code f(n){int a,b,c=4;dosomething;} am I ...
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What are our rules about additional code accompanying function submissions?

This is an extension of this meta question. I've always assumed that function submissions were allowed under the premise that the code would be evaluated once and would in the process either: Define ...
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Is function returned by first invoke of a currying function submission required to be reusable?

As per past discussion, function submissions should be reusable. And, currying function may be a valid submission. Consider a challenge which require 2 inputs x, ...
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Is it legal to submit a function that must exist as a method on an object?

For a challenge, I recently submitted the JavaScript solution [].push To be clear, this isn't x=>[].push. The entry itself ...
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Definition of a Function in Concatenative Languages

Concatenative languages are languages where juxtaposition of functions represents composition. Programs consist of the primitives in the language combining to form a large function which takes program ...
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Functions throwing exceptions: an exception to the rules?

I'm seeking greater clarity around whether we currently allow functions to throw exceptions, and if so, under what circumstances. There seem to be contradictory posts on this topic—several highly ...
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Necessity of Wrapping Solution into Method/Function

I've noticed that sometimes people using exotic languages like Brainfuck don't ever explicitly wrap a solution into a method/function. While sometimes I see solutions in Java and such where they are ...
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Do function submissions have to recover environment if it consumes whole stdin?

Community agrees that functions should be reusable while if a function take whole stdin (like while(gets()) in C or ...
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