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Let's improve the leaderboard snippet [duplicate]

The leaderboard snippet could use some improvements. Improvements usually fall into three categories: Formatting & CSS - make it look better Functionality - stuff it should do Misc - everything ...
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We're not a Q&A site. But what should be done about it?

It has come up several times recently (more than usual) that PPCG differs from most of the other Stack Exchange sites in that it's not a Q&A site. People don't come here to ask a question because ...
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J and GolfScript suck all the enjoyment out of Code Golf

I have found code-golf a fascinating pastime for several weeks now. However, I’m already losing interest because the contests allow any language, and because of that it is pretty much impossible for ...
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Graduation Design Ideas

Programming Puzzles & Code Golf will someday graduate out of public beta, and it will get a new site design. Stack Exchange employees generally do all the design work and make the design decisions,...
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Why I am leaving Code Golf

The contents of this post are solicited opinion that I have been asked by a Code Golf moderator to share with you. I understand "If you don't like it, then GEETTT OOUUTT" applies here, so I have ...
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New users' guides to golfing rules in specific languages

What are the most important rules a first-time golfer in a given language should know? For instance, how do golfed programs usually take input and output? Each language should have a single CW answer ...
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Farewell, for now

With my dwindling activity over the last few months, this probably doesn't come as a surprise... but I've decided to hand in my diamond. My reasons are similar to Alex's, half a year ago, in that ...
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Leaderboard function

I know nothing about the way the site works etc., but how cool and convenient would it be to have a simple wrapper to add a leaderboard for the question, like here and here? That functionality would ...
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Arbitrary Stack Snippet Loader

The Stack Snippet below loads the first Stack Snippet in the Stack Exchange post defined by site, postID, and ...
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Sorting answers

Some popular challenges have many many answers and often a language is used more than once, so : Is there a way to sort answers so that they appear in the order according to the name of a language OR ...
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Bulk editing code-golf answers to add headers [duplicate]

Is it considered bad to edit old code-golf answers to add in headers so that the answers can be easily seen by tools using the SEDE or data dumps? I can see pros and cons to doing this, and I what is ...
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Add an answer "index" feature to questions with more than 5 answers?

Pursuant to my idea for Q:We need something novel to bring in the hordes, I think it would be very useful for all questions with many answers (>5, or so) to have an index of answers. The index line ...
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Leaderboard not working correctly

The snippet used in many questions to generate a leaderboard is not displaying correctly for me, and some links are not working. I am using Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) on macOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra). The ...
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Answer-Chaining Tree/Leaderboard Snippet

This thread is devoted to the development of an answer-chaining stack snippet, which was originally used in Evolution of OEIS. By making this snippet available here (following this meta guideline), ...
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