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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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We're not a Q&A site. But what should be done about it?

It has come up several times recently (more than usual) that PPCG differs from most of the other Stack Exchange sites in that it's not a Q&A site. People don't come here to ask a question because ...
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Best of PPCG 2016 — Call for Categories [duplicate]

Last year we voted for the best posts of 2015 and rewarded them with bounties and challenges. I think it's a great way to reward and draw attention to some of the best content the community has ...
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Community Ads for 2021

September update: Community Ads are now live network-wide. All ads with a score of 6 or higher, or with a score of 4 or higher and no downvotes will be displayed (except for any that have a note from ...
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Community Promotion Ads — 2019 [duplicate]

2019 is here! And with the new year, as usual, comes a new iteration of Community Promotion Ads! Let’s refresh these for the coming year :) What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads ...
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Community Promotion Ads — 2020 [duplicate]

2020 has come! But… oops, where did the time go? It’s already March! Belated as it is, it’s time for a refresh of Community Promotion Ads! What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads ...
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Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event

We've decided we'd like to give the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event \${}^*\$ a go. As a brief overview: Every second Wednesday, discussion in The Nineteenth Byte is primarily ...
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Can and should we encourage more meticulous golfing?

I find that much of the joy and art of code golf comes from the ridiculous tricks and optimizations needed to squeeze every character. Yet, I find myself losing motivation to do so because I feel like ...
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Tips for launching a language

Having started writing my own golfing language, I noticed there is no tips page for launching a new language. Having seen how many languages have been made by this community, I wondered what advice ...
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Should we blacklist [popularity-contest]s?

34 out of the last 50 pop-cons were closed (that's from about the middle of 2015). Should we retire popularity-contest?
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Self-answering kick-starts answers, or discourages them?

My latest question was well received but has sat idle for a few days now. That's pretty much what I'd expect, since it's quite involved, but I was hoping it might get at least 1 answer over the week. ...
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Can we have a Hello, World! feed? [duplicate]

Recently I suggested having a feed in The Nineteenth Byte for new answers to the Hello, World! challenge. It received some support (as you can tell from the stars), but it was suggested that it be ...
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"Unanswered in a Language I want to Understand" C&R Challenge Thread

I want to suggest an idea for a non-conventional non-meta post. Can I make a well thought out thread where, as answers, people will post links to questions and name a language? I want a thread for "...
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How should challenge authors be rewarded for creating exemplary challenges?

Over on Puzzling.SE, the community there has been discussing various ways to reward puzzle authors for creating exemplary puzzles. Given that we're like Puzzling.SE in that we're not a Q&A site, ...
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Are languages like sed exempt from "no input" rules?

Some types of challenges require submission that produce constant output and, as such, forbid the solutions from taking input of any kind. That presents a problem for languages like sed, which ...
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