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How to score a golflang with a 9-bit character set [duplicate]

So I’ve been thinking about creating a golflang somewhat inspired by Jelly, but I’ve decided for it to be encoded in a 9-bit codepage, so that there are 512 possible characters to use. I can come up ...
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What standard should be used for [code-golf] byte counts? [duplicate]

Some languages, like V and Charcoal use their own character systems. In the meantime, next to all languages support common (one ...
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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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When can APL characters be counted as 1 byte each?

Prompted by this. The question of APL's encoding often comes up, and many times a helpful soul links to Wikipedia's article on the APL EBCDIC codepage. However, each implementation of APL has its own ...
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Introducing a New Golf Language

So over the past week I've developed Just Another Interpreted Stack-Base Language (JAISBaL for short), and I had a few questions: Is there any reason JAISBaL would be illegal to use for the general <...
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Jelly- can we really score it by character count? [duplicate]

Jelly is one of those languages that doesn't use ANSI text in its code. Why should we score Jelly by its character count when each character can take up to 4 bytes? For example, take this answer (...
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Should locale be explicitly specified?

Triggered by this comment. Some code-golf answers assume a specific locale. For example this answer assumes a locale of en_US.UTF-8. If the default locale on a ...
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Should a character encoding that can't actually be used by a compiler/interpreter be allowed?

Suppose you are answering a code-golf challenge in a language whose interpreter can only use UTF-8. Say you have a program that uses some code points in the range 128-255, but not higher. Would it ...
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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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Online tool to determine number of bytes for UTF-8 characters?

Is there an online tool that will tell me the number of bytes in a UTF-8 character? Or, if not, how do I determine this? I'm currently trying to determine the number of the bytes for the left and ...
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