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Advocate languages to golf in

I'm sure many of you want to attract golfers to compete in your favorite language. Given that it takes time to learn a language for golfing, why choose it over others? What aspects of the language ...
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What are programming languages? [duplicate]

Often, answers to questions asking for "programs" or talking about "programming languages" utilize things like sed, awk, … in ...
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Let's decide what kind of non-challenge questions we want once and for all

4 reopen votes and 1 delete vote is a strange thing to see. It's also slightly worrying that we have so little consensus on this matter. So let's bring the community together. What kind of non-...
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Are Non-Programming golf puzzles allowed?

The name of this Stack Exchange site is "Programming Puzzles and Code golf" but I was wondering if other types of similar golf (not the sport) would be allowed or welcomed for questions. In ...
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What are the relationships between programming languages created by PPCG users

Prompted by this. We already know which languages were created by PPCG users. Clearly language authors are inspired by each other and by existing practical languages. What are these relationships? ...
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Is there a practical purpose behind this site or is it just for fun?

On Stack Exchange there are theoretical, practical and fun sites. I'm wondering which aspect chiefly motivates people to contribute here. Specifically, does skill at code-golf and other programming ...
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CGCC Blog Post #4: Impact of CGCC on Code Golf

Just over a year ago, Omar Tuchfeld posted High throughput Fizz Buzz, a fastest-code challenge where answers should aim to output Fizz Buzz as quickly as they can. Their challenge was nominated in ...
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Let's start a "language-of-the-month" event

Whereas, there are lots of interesting languages out there that might be fun to golf in, and Whereas, many of us are the inventors of said interesting languages, and would like to teach them to ...
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Introducing a New Golf Language

So over the past week I've developed Just Another Interpreted Stack-Base Language (JAISBaL for short), and I had a few questions: Is there any reason JAISBaL would be illegal to use for the general <...
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Am I allowed to use my own invented languages to solve a code golf?

On the conditions that the language is general use (i.e., doesn't perform the task in 1 character) and follows the rule of having been invented before the question was asked. I've written languages ...
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Do we need an introductory knowledge base? / Do we need a new language showcase?

So recently, a new user asked a well-meaning question, that was along the lines of "How did you learn all these things and at what point in your life/career did you make the decision to learn a ...
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What's required for me to use my own language?

I recently "finished" my own BrainFuck variant (ezfuck), and wanted to try using it for golfing. Assuming the version of the language I'm using predates the challenge, are there any other ...
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User posting answer of an unavailable tool [duplicate]

I have noticed a user making questionable answers. Here are some examples: In for a bumpy ride Concatenating n with n + 1 Let's design a digit mosaic Print the digital root Simple ASCII Gantt In ...
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New Codegolf language: Nibbles [closed]

I'd like to announce Nibbles. My goal was to create something as simple as golfscript but as short as any modern golf language. My hope was that by having few enough instructions, they could be ...
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Is a slightly changed compiler allowed? [duplicate]

Some maybe not-intended-to-program languages may have some extra limitations. Is it allowed to change it to solve a problem? If so, how the length go? p.s. marking this topic as duplicate of this ...
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