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Challenge (Solve subset sum quickly if P = NP) incorrectly closed as duplicate [duplicate]

My challenge Solve Subset-Sum in polynomial time (...if P = NP) was closed as a duplicate of Golf the Subset-Sum Problem. But the restricted-complexity aspect of my challenge makes it very different. ...
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Making king-of-the-hill out of old question [duplicate]

In case you're wondering what a king of the hill question is: The question: If you see an old interesting question, that you think would ...
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Can I repost a challenge with different rules? [duplicate]

Recently, I posted a code-golf question about number sequences. However, as I was looking through the question later, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't this be good as a fastest-algorithm question?" It's ...
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What IS a duplicate? [duplicate]

I've seen many challenges get marked as duplicates on this stack. Most I see as fair, some, not so much. What qualifies as a duplicate question? Consider challenges where: Entries from ...
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What counts as a duplicate on CodeGolf.SE? [duplicate]

Unlike on other Stack Exchange sites, the execution of an idea really makes a difference on this site. My question is, if an idea for a challenge has been used before, does that make any other ...
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Duplicates with different tag [duplicate]

There's been a couple of instances recently of people taking a question that's just been asked and answered and re-asking the question with a different winning criterion. Can we (or should we) close ...
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Can I post a challenge that is the same as an existing challenge but with different criteria? [duplicate]

Let's say I find an awesome challenge here, but I can make a different challenge out of it by changing the criteria significantly. Is it poor form to post a new challenge with a completely different ...
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How could the default close reasons be improved?

One of the more popular suggestions from We're not a Q&A site. But what should be done about it? was to improve the wording of the close reasons or maybe change some of them altogether. We've ...
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Is fibtraction a dupe?

Recently this question caused a bit of a stir. The admitted goal of the challenge was to replace our old fibonacci question which the op felt was outdated. The question was closed twice by high rep ...
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Closing old question as duplicate of a new one

What is our policy regarding closing an old challenge as a duplicate of a new one? I know this happens on other sites (at least SO), if the newer question is generally better or usually if it gathers ...
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Is a popularity contest a duplicate of a code golf (and vice versa)?

I've noticed this happening a few times: A challenge that is very similar to an existing code golf challenge is posted as a popularity contest, or the other way around. There seems to be very little ...
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Should "Code the Huffman!" remain closed as a duplicate of a very old question?

Tl;dr: I think my question on Huffman coding was wrongly closed as duplicate and should be re-opened. Early this week, I had the idea of posting a challenge based on Huffman coding. I found a very ...
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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...
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We decided to post a new factorial challenge. Should we close the old one as dupe?

The existing factorial challenge has some restrictions on the domain, performance, and banning built-ins. I opened a meta question about it a week ago, and as per the meta consensus, we decided to ...
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Am I allowed to post a second, better edition of a challenge?

I recently made my first PPCG challenge, Sign that word!. Now that various improvements have been suggested by more experienced users of PPCG, I would like to post a second, improved version of the ...
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