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Let's allow newer languages/versions for older challenges

I've been thinking for a long time that our non-competing policy for newer languages (or language versions) is harmful. Just for context, we currently require all answers which require implementations ...
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How do you handle an existing interpreter that, due to typos, doesn't function at all? [duplicate]

I've been considering answering a question in Super Stack!, specifically via use of this interpreter. However, the interpreter fails to compile, because there are two mistakes in it: it's incorrectly ...
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Does fixing an implementation bug renders the answer non-competing? [duplicate]

In this thread, it is accepted that answers that use a new version of a language created after the challenge was posted are non-competing, because otherwise people would implement new built-ins that ...
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Code golf: is an invalid but working solution acceptable? [duplicate]

Suppose one answers a code-golf challenge for a language with a solution which is ill-formed according to the spec of the selected language. "But it works nonetheless with all major interpreters". ...
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What is our consensus for fractional byte functions?

In a discussion about SBCSs and other code pages, fractional byte counts were briefly brought up. I brought up our consensus that fractional byte programs are disallowed, and it was pointed out that ...
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How are bytes counted in assembly?

I was told bytes in assembly are counted by the byte of machine code. Is that true? If so what steps should be taken to correctly get bytes?
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Codegolf rules and boundaries

So last time, I was hanging on codegolf, and came across the question Print the digital root, where one guy replied here with a one-byte code. Of course, it takes advantages of the built-in and ...
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Old Languages with new implementations [duplicate]

I was hoping to answer a question using a particular cellular automaton that was defined 17 years ago (before the question was asked) but for which I am unable to find a free interpreter on the ...
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Can I use here my own language for code-golfing?

Can I golf in my own programming language here? I ask it 'cause there is no online way to check it out.
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If languages are defined by their implementations, how do we judge answers that can't run on any existing computer?

It's a fairly long-standing principle of PPCG that languages are defined by their implementations; in other words, the language specification is entirely ignored, and we look at the behaviour of an ...
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Untestable languages

What is the general feeling about answer that can't be tested because no compiler or interpreter is available? The accepted answer to this question is a case in point. The question has been raised in ...
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Is a transliteration tool enough to grant count as SBCS?

Prompted by this. I'll speak about Dyalog APL here, but this could really apply to any language. Background Dyalog APL has its own SBCS called ⎕AV. For backwards ...
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A Standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript Parser/Interpreter

Perhaps, HTML, CSS and JavaScript have the most number of interpreters. Every browser is an interpreter of them. And each interpreter varies significantly in terms of implementation of certain aspects ...
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Why are golfing languages allowed?

I'm a bit confused about the use of golfing languages in golfing challenges. In the standard loopholes there is a point about using self-made languages that solve the problem in one symbol. And it's a ...
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Quine in Pxem, a language whose program is represented as a pair of strings. Is outputting the filename a quine?

My quine in Pxem was criticised as not being a quine, as they output their filenames, not the content of those files. A Pxem program is represented as a pair of a filename and content of file. So far ...
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