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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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The PPCG Site design is on its way - help us make it awesome!

The long wait is almost over! You have been eminently patient while we've gotten other site designs finished and then completely redesigned the layout of the network. Now that all of that heavy ...
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New "stock theme" roll out

We are rolling out the new "stock theme" to the Stack Exchange network. You all are the lucky first site to get the new theme. It is now live. What new theme? If you're like, "What the ...
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Should we change our name?

This site may have been built primarily on code-golf challenges and puzzles that have no winning criteria, but we have evolved away from that. Our name is outdated, and we should rebrand ourselves. ...
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Here's your site design preview!

Three great discussions and 6-8 weeks later, I'm here to introduce you to your new site design! Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas to the discussion -- there were many great points of ...
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Who are you? Why are you here? And more introspection

Whereas: we are unsure about where exactly we fit into the SE mission others sometimes don't take us seriously the site has been languishing in beta with minimal communication from SE for years we ...
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Our favicon is ugly and asymmetric. Let's fix it! [duplicate]

The favicon for this site has ugly and asymmetric corners: Compared to the corresponding icons for other beta SE sites, which only have one pixel cut off from each corner, I find the upper corners ...
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Leaderboard Snippet

I've been using a stack snippet for a while to generate leaderboards for my simpler or more popular code golf challenges. I want to share the code for this snippet here so others can use it more ...
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Useful External Resources

There are a bunch of external resources that are either used very often by this community or are directly related to it. This post contains the most relevant ones to make them more discoverable for ...
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Let's make more ads for our site! (2016 edition)

A couple years back we ran an advertising campaign using community ads on other network sites. For those who might be unaware, community ads are "community-vetted ads that will show up ... in the ...
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PPCG-specific Mobile App

See a list of feature requests here (On hold) Basically, I was wondering if anyone could develop a mobile app which would serve as a browser for PPCG. Maybe something along the lines of the pre-...
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Do we need leaderboards on all challenges?

I noticed a bunch of edits showing up in the edits queue where the usual javascript leaderboard is added to challenges. Example Example I think the leaderboards are fine, but do we really need to ...
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CGCC Blog Post #2: The history of PPCG and CGCC

We recently turned 10 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't really realise and therefore didn't really celebrate or even mark the occasion. But, it got me thinking about the history of the site, and now ...
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Can we retire the Sandbox?

It's been asked before, it's been rejected before and now I'm bringing it up again. I have a love/hate relationship with the Sandbox. I've voiced complaints before but I now have an idea that might ...
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Why is the site logo a medal?

What does a medal have to do with codes and computers? Is it a reference to the site badges and privileges? Or maybe a reference to the Olympiad awards? Also, why is it between two accolades?
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