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Can I post clearly losing answers to puzzles with the purpose of receiving suggestions to improve? [duplicate]

I did one of the Code Golf challenges this morning in order to practice my C++ ability. However, my code took up significantly more bytes compared to all the other answers. None of the answers were ...
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Are baseline submissions serious contenders?

One of PPCG's oldest rules, mentioned in What topics can I ask about here?, is that all answers to challenge questions must: Be a serious contender for the winning criteria in use. For example, an ...
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Should we close old KoTH challenges as off-topic?

Recently, a number of old king-of-the-hill challenges have popped up in the Close Votes review queue, with users voting to close them as off-topic as their deadline for submissions has passed. ...
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Can serious contenders do more than the challenge asks for?

As our help center likes to put it: All solutions to challenges should: Correctly implement the required specification. Be a serious contender for the winning criteria in use. For example, an entry ...
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Can we revisit our policy on answers that are not serious contenders?

Currently we have a policy that all answers must be serious contenders, or they are subject to deletion. This can be found in help/on-topic: Be a serious contender for the winning criteria in use. ...
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What additional information should be allowed in a submission?

Unlike traditional coding competition sites, submissions (answers) on PPCG are free form; the only hard requirement is that all submissions must contain the scoring header and the code that solves the ...
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Acceptable answer for a code golf

The Code Golf stackexchange tour gives a detailed explanation on, how to ask a Code Golf question. But what about how to answer? I have multiple questions about: How to give an answer?. Neither the ...
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Why can't I post my answer after others use my language?

I've been getting a lot of grief lately about posting Python answers after other users have already posted a Python answer. Not only do I come up with these independently, they sometimes are shorter/...
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Should you answer a competitive question if your answer is not competing / is not competitive?

I'm curious, because some answers seem to be posted regardless of the winning answer. Should non-competitive answers be posted when better answers exist for entries of the same language?
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Existing answers in KoTH invalidated by teaming; should it be allowed?

I posted this challenge about a week ago, and it has since become fairly popular with nearly 40 answers. In the chatroom, a user asked whether teaming was allowed. I said it was, if someone could ...
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Is the "no MetaGolfScript" rule somehow formalized?

A disadvantage of the "default rules as answers" is that the rules don't have a common, organizing, "formal" thought behind them. I'm talking about this one here. I understand it as applying to "...
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Let's rewrite the help center's on-topic page

Related: A Better Help Center Our current help center is lacking in a number of ways (see the linked post for more details). Therefore, this is a Community Wiki post meant for collaboratively editing ...
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Handling old, popular, creative, but non-competitive answers

Take a look at this answer: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code. This is the most upvoted answer on our site right now. However, as many have pointed out, by modern ...
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Is Brainfuck considered a serious contender

Brainf*** is far from a terse language. A (partially) golfed solution may be 1000's of bytes long. Similar to JSF***, these submissions are often autogenerated and will require significant work to ...
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Dumping the output as an answer

Sometimes, on kolmogorov-complexity challenges with a constant output, we get extremely boring answers that make absolutely no effort to compress the output whatsoever, and instead just literally dump ...
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