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Default for Code Golf: Input/Output methods

It looks like we have a consensus that we want certain defaults for the format which answers are expected in for code-golf. On that poll, the question arose twice, which input/output formats should be ...
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Things to avoid when writing challenges

If there is something that you find annoying / counterproductive / unfair / detrimental / no longer funny in challenges (question posts), describe it in an answer here, and propose a recommended ...
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What programming language should we consider for the code-golf solution ? [closed]

If we want to prevent having ridiculous answer for Code-Golf with esoteric language that are made up just for the challenge, we need to define what are the acceptable programming language. The ...
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Use of built-in functions and libraries in Code Golfs

This answer used a built-in Python function to solve the question in a very short amount of code. Should we allow it and let people not up-vote, or should we police library abuse to some degree? If ...
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Presolving Golf Questions

I notice some users are posting questions where they are immediately posting a long-standing (or just extremely well golfed) solution to the problem. On StackOverflow posting your own questions has ...
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How can we up the quality?

Most of the questions asked seem of much lower quality than those that used to appear under the code golf tag on StackOverflow. Here, I see these problems repeatedly: Poor problem definition, often ...
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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...
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Announcing the CodeGolf.SE First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

This Programming Push has ended ::sigh:: But we may do another in a few weeks or months, and your high quality contributions are always welcome. Whereas The site has suffered from low traffic for ...
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For Code Golf, how do you deal with languages without a traditional print/echo statements? [duplicate]

JavaScript comes to mind as a language without a traditional outputting mechanism. In this instance, document.write() is suggested, but its specific to the browser,...
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The "How To Ask" page is misleading

The "How To Ask" page linked from the Ask Question page appears to have been copied wholesale from SO. It is very Q&A centric: We’d love to help you. But not every question on Code Golf gets ...
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Should I always give every minimum detail and specifications about a challenge or we can rely also on intuition?

Regarding my challenge: Help me I'm lost in the ocean! I went to read: What details should always be given for a code golf task? and a question raised in my mind. I hope I can ask that here in ...
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Announcing the CodeGolf.SE Second Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

Whereas The site has suffered from low traffic for weeks We've been in beta for 271 days and our numbers are marginal Too many recent question have been both too easy and poorly specified Users have ...
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Basis for Voting to Close

Should a question be closed based on something the owner said outside of the question, such as in a comment? Example This question was posted by a brand new Code Golf user who had problems with ...
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Why was my challenge not interesting?

In the interest of upping the quality of challenges I may post in the future, I would like to hear your opinions and comments on the challenge I posted two weeks ago: Turn 2D boolean array into (...
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Must askers be able to answer their own question? [duplicate]

The question is all in the title: Must askers be able to answer their own question? This question had been asked before, but may be easier to find than the most directly relevant previous question, ...
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