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Jelly- can we really score it by character count? [duplicate]

Jelly is one of those languages that doesn't use ANSI text in its code. Why should we score Jelly by its character count when each character can take up to 4 bytes? For example, take this answer (...
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Why do we count some multibyte characters in the esolangs as single bytes? [duplicate]

For example, this submission written in APL (Dyalog) claims to be 39 bytes. It is 39 characters, but in the TIO link provided in the post (which happens to be an older version that is two characters ...
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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

This "sandbox" is a place where Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to main. This is useful because writing a clear and fully specified challenge on ...
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New users' guides to golfing rules in specific languages

What are the most important rules a first-time golfer in a given language should know? For instance, how do golfed programs usually take input and output? Each language should have a single CW answer ...
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PPCG-specific Mobile App: Feature Requests [closed]

See main post here This [question] is intended as community submission describing the target functionality. This will likely change over time, but it will allow devs to have a end goal with their ...
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What character encodings may a submission use?

In code-golf questions, we typically score submissions by their byte count. However, whenever a submission uses a character outside of the ASCII range, the question of which encoding the code uses ...
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Is a transliteration tool enough to grant count as SBCS?

Prompted by this. I'll speak about Dyalog APL here, but this could really apply to any language. Background Dyalog APL has its own SBCS called ⎕AV. For backwards ...
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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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Online tool to determine number of bytes for UTF-8 characters?

Is there an online tool that will tell me the number of bytes in a UTF-8 character? Or, if not, how do I determine this? I'm currently trying to determine the number of the bytes for the left and ...
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Suitable single-byte character encoding for new golfing language [closed]

I am currently trying to create a scripting language which is usable for general purpose tasks but has a high golfing potential due to many short built-in functions, operators, syntax etc. At the ...
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