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Interpretation of Truthy/Falsey

Quite a few code-golf questions require output to be "truthy or falsey". This is possibly confusing as these terms can possibly mean different things to different people, and especially in different ...
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Can numeric input/output be in unary?

Some string-based languages (including but not limited to sed, Retina, ///) can't really handle integer arithmetic in decimal (or other normal bases). Therefore, these almost always have to start by ...
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What's a string?

If a challenge says that input will be in the form of a string, what is acceptable? Various languages have different ways of implementing strings, so here's what I've "borrowed" from Wikipedia: ...
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Should Booleans be allowed where a number is required?

This is a rather common inquiry in contests that require computing elements of a sequence. For example, consider the following recursive implementation of the factorial function (Python): ...
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What outputs should I allow for decision problems? [duplicate]

I'm looking for opinions on what outputs to allow as the Yes and No outputs on decision-problem challenges. The goal isn't to make a policy, but to help with a decision I often have to make when ...
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Is the empty string an acceptable decimal representation of 0?

In a recent question for which the correct output for 1 is zero, an answer output ; i.e, nothing. Is this an acceptable base-10 ...
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Can numeric input/output be in the form of byte values?

This answer just prompted a question, which I've wondered about a few times when answering challenges in esoteric languages: For some esoteric languages, the only means of input/output is reading and ...
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Can you mix an Esolang with HTML?

I've seen tons of Javascript + HTML answers, however... I was wondering if it's okay to compete in a graphical-output challenge such as: Use 16 colors while writing Hey! 4 times Using an 05AB1E ...
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What is a list?

The PPCG community seems to be moving towards more general I/O formats. Then, we could generalize our notion of a "list" so that it is not restricted to the built-in list or array constructs. For ...
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Empty string as a truthy value

I will mainly speak about the programming language Lua, because that's where this question comes from. In Lua, everything but nil and ...
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Accepting numeric inputs in mixed decimal and unary bases

There seems to be agreement that numeric input is by default accepted in either decimal or unary bases. The linked meta-question doesn't address the issue of whether separate inputs of the same ...
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Are transformed versions of Java's types acceptable as function input?

In Java, all "basic" input types are immutable with very few tools at our disposal. Some other class that still represent the same value exist and allow us to do more. In trying to golf Java code, I ...
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Can a language's True/False be used in place of their values in a sequence? [duplicate]

I'm asking this to find a consensus on whether it's okay for an answer to use True or False in place of the language's ...
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