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What do we rename Advent of Code Golf?

Recently, Seggan received an email from Eric Wastl, the owner of Advent of Code, part of which is quoted below: Please do not call your event something like "Advent of Code Golf"; this ...
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Announcing Code Golf Advent Calendar 2022! (+ Event challenge sandbox)

Following last year's event, we're doing Advent of Code Golf Code Golf Advent Calendar 20221! On each day between Dec 1st and Dec 25th (inclusive), a new challenge will be posted at UTC midnight2. It ...
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Advent of Code Golf 2021 is over! (Stats, Hall of Fame)

Advent of Code Golf 2021 is over! Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or helped me run the Advent of Code Golf 2021 event. It wouldn't have been so successful without the help of the community. ...
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Announcing Advent of Code Golf 2021! (+ Event challenge sandbox)

Originally from caird coinheringaahing's idea, I thought about how we could do it this year with such a short time before December, and I decided to gather some ideas from previous AoC events. (There'...
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Advent of code golf?

Every year, during December, our cousin site, Advent of Code goes live, hosting a coding challenge every day from the 1st of December to the 24th of December. There have been various attempts for ...
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