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For questions regarding answers posted to challenges. This tag is not for questions about a specific answer, but for answers in general

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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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Correct flag usage on invalid submissions

Recently, a couple of invalid answers have been flagged as NAA. This is somewhat of a duplicate of this answer on our policy, but I want to mention this because it's important that everyone is using ...
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Are these answers duplicate?

On this challenge, because of the way it is constructed, there aren't many ways to solve the question. A bunch of answers have been called off as duplicate because they directly used a system call (...
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For fastest-code questions are new compiler optimisations as non-competing allowed?

I looked around and it seems that the language is defined by the compiler not operational semantics. In normal code golf new languages are banned because of the loophole of implementing the answer as ...
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Scratch 2.0 is no longer considered a "free" language. Does this retroactively make cops-and-robbers cop answers in Scratch 2.0 non-competitive?

As per this question's answers, Scratch 2.0 is no longer considered a "free" language. As per this question's accepted answer, non-free languages are allowed if marked as non-competing. Scratch 2.0 ...
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Are compile-time solutions valid?

I have a couple answers here that work at compile-time and just posted another, and I was wondering if such solutions are allowed. I'm not talking about just proper functions that can run at compile-...
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Make it easier to post answers on Sandbox from Mobile App?

Maybe I'm missing something, but is there an easy-ish way to initiate the process of writing an answer in the Sandbox from the mobile app? I noticed the phrase "bottom of the page" in the sandbox ...
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