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The "How To Ask" page is misleading

The "How To Ask" page linked from the Ask Question page appears to have been copied wholesale from SO. It is very Q&A centric: We’d love to help you. But not every question on Code Golf gets ...
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Popularity of questions, based on post time (and the most useless graph ever)

Back when I was new to Code Golf SE (then PPCG), a lot of my questions didn't do too well, and I didn't have the experience to tell whether they were good challenged or not. As such, I would often ...
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Can we encourage more users to post challenges?

Recently, the challenge rate on PPCG has dropped. I haven't looked through the numbers all the way back, but we once had 9.9 questions per day. The number of questions per day is of course not the ...
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Is it acceptable to restrict languages in a King of the Hill?

I am thinking of hosting a king-of-the-hill, but I am reluctant to download all the languages people answer in. Similar to Survival Game - Create Your Wolf, I want to restrict languages. In that ...
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Are there specific types of code golf challenges on this site?

I posted a question in hope of starting a shortest code challenge, but it seems to attract lots of downvotes and the only answer tried to help as a programming problem. One comment on the question ...
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Question about a quine in a specific language

If I am interested in asking a question about quining in a specific language, would this be allowed? I am curious as to whether or not its even possible to write such a quine in a certain language.
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Is there a question format for longest non-repeating code?

I've only recently started getting involved on Code Golf, so excuse my ignorance, but is there a format for longest possible way to achieve a challenge request? Either by runtime or by code length. ...
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