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18 votes
0 answers

CGCC Blog Post #5: How to get reputation quick

You've probably seen the privileges list, and you've probably looked at it and found some quite useful stuff (and some complete garbage) that you may not have. So... how do you get reputation? Bounty ...
10 votes
0 answers

CGCC Blog Post #6: My First Impression on Code Golf Stack Exchange

How I got here I saw a few sites of Stack Exchange elsewhere. Exactly where I forgot, but it made the first impression of Stack Overflow to me: they were indeed very sophisticated. I learned about ...
23 votes
3 answers

CGCC Blog Post #4: Impact of CGCC on Code Golf

Just over a year ago, Omar Tuchfeld posted High throughput Fizz Buzz, a fastest-code challenge where answers should aim to output Fizz Buzz as quickly as they can. Their challenge was nominated in ...
14 votes
1 answer

CGCC Blog Post #3: King of the Hill!

King of the Hill, or KotH, is probably the most unique tag on CGCC. If you've never come across it before, today's your lucky day! In a KotH, submissions will consist of "bots" which compete ...
41 votes
1 answer

CGCC Blog Post #2: The history of PPCG and CGCC

We recently turned 10 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't really realise and therefore didn't really celebrate or even mark the occasion. But, it got me thinking about the history of the site, and now ...
33 votes
0 answers

CGCC Blog #1: Are golfing languages good or bad for the site?

Welcome to the first CGCC Blog post! After 7 years, and three attempts, we've finally started a site blog, for posts and topics that the community here on CGCC is likely to find interesting. If you'd ...