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Scheduled events that take place in chat, typically The Nineteenth Byte

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Fix the dead LYAL

Like last time, LYAL is dead. Source. As documented here, there were no LYALs for 6 weeks. I agree with what caird says: If people aren't engaging with an event anymore, the proper thing to do is let ...
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Do we want to delete a LYAL nomination after learning the lang?

Currently, Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event, if they get chosen, are subsequently edited to mention that this language was learned on such-and-such a ...
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Chat Event Announcment: Language Development Workshop

BMG has died. Nearly immediately I proposed the event that henceforth became known as MYAL. After a short discussion to flesh out the details, and the chat event Language Development Workshop was born....
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8 answers

Chat Event Refinement: Make You a Lang for Great Good

We have decided to make a chat event based on language creation. In this post, we will discuss how we should do it. The event would just be a time dedicated to showing off WIP languages, get feedback ...
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Chat Event Proposal: Make You a Lang for Great Good

With the demise of BMG, I had an idea for a new chat event. For now, I'm calling it "Make You a Lang for Great Good", but that is beside the point. This event would focus on one of the ...
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Biweekly Mini Golf is Half Dead

... what should we do? As we can see from this excerpt, BMG is slowly dying. People don't seem interested enough to even start it and the 21st BMG has little participants. (even though it hasn't ...
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Should we let Vyxal Bot into TNB when Vyxal is the LYAL

Context: Given that Vyxal is roughly under a month away from being selected for LYAL (at the time of posting, my calculations place it as being 1-2 LYALs away), I figured I'd write this so it can ...
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15 answers

Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event

We've decided we'd like to give the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event \${}^*\$ a go. As a brief overview: Every second Wednesday, discussion in The Nineteenth Byte is primarily ...
6 votes
3 answers

BMG is slowly dying

Let me put it simply: BMG, which was a good idea at first, is dying, to the point that we're not scheduling new ones, we're not hearing about it, we forgot that there was meant to be one on Tuesday, ...
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3 answers

Chat Event: Learn-a-lang

Advertisement Been pushing off learning that one lang for too long? Maybe it doesn't qualify for LotM status? Then [name pending] is for you! This is perfect for languages which are too popular for ...
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Introducing Biweekly Mini Golf!

In order to grow our community and its chat room, The Nineteenth Byte, we decided here to start a new monthly biweekly chat event: Biweekly Mini Golf! During this event, a number of previously drafted ...
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3 answers

Should we have chat events, and if so, how should we do them?

Chat events recently came up in chat. If we are to have events, it would be a good idea to plan out the following things first: What the events will be about How often they'll be Whether we'll hold ...
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