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Welcome The Nineteenth Byte's newest room owners!

The votes are in, and the following four members of our community have been elected as room owners of CGCC's main chat room, The Nineteenth Byte. They have been instated effective immediately. ...
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Introducing Biweekly Mini Golf!

In order to grow our community and its chat room, The Nineteenth Byte, we decided here to start a new monthly biweekly chat event: Biweekly Mini Golf! During this event, a number of previously drafted ...
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Chat Event Announcment: Language Development Workshop

BMG has died. Nearly immediately I proposed the event that henceforth became known as MYAL. After a short discussion to flesh out the details, and the chat event Language Development Workshop was born....
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Feed Filter: A TNB Userscript

Inspired by a conversation about annoying quirks with the chat feeds (such as New Main Posts), Feed Filter is a simple userscript I made to introduce a few features/fixes to the feeds in The ...
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