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For questions that relate to the reasons behind closing a challenge/challenges

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Questions that ask for artifacts or witnesses

(Sorry this is long. I tried to gather many examples, and honestly I would have liked to include more.) Background The code-challenge tag captures many different kinds of creative challenges that ...
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What’s the point of voting to close for “Needs details or clarity” without telling the author what detail or clarity it needs?

Posting in question Apparently 4 people have voted to close this, but not one of them thought to leave a comment. Let’s say it gets another vote and gets closed. What do you expect the author to do? ...
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Close reason needs to be reworded

Read this meta post: Let's decide what kind of non-challenge questions we want once and for all Then read this close reason: Questions without an objective primary winning criterion are off-...
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Why is this question closed?

Write a java code to detect the JVM version was closed in error as part of the underhanded cleanup. It's obvious from the comment thread that it was never really an underhanded question, and that tag ...
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How could I clarify my question?

I've met a quite interesting problem and I thought it would be a nice task also on the code golf. Unfortunately, it is currently being held as unclear. However, the problem is for me very simple and ...
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Typo in 'off-topic' description

The description for an off-topic close vote / flag has a typo: The word "puzzle" should be plural. It should read: This question does not appear to be about programming puzzles or code golf within ...
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Why was my post put on hold?

Why was the shortest λ sort post put on hold? What is "unclear" about it? The only question raised (about church encodings) was promptly clarified in the post as soon as it was pointed.
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Is the new showcase a duplicate of the old one? is currently closed as a duplicate of Showcase of Languages, which is currently locked. The reasoning is that once the proposal here is applied to ...
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