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Questions tagged [code-golf]

For questions about code golf challenges and/or submissions. DO NOT post code golf challenges themselves as questions here; those belong on the main site or in the Sandbox if you want to get feedback on them.

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How to count bytes FAQ

We've got a lot of questions asking how to count the bytes in different situations. This question is here to put them all in one spot. General questions How to count "interactive" answers ...
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Advent of Code Golf 2021 is over! (Stats, Hall of Fame)

Advent of Code Golf 2021 is over! Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or helped me run the Advent of Code Golf 2021 event. It wouldn't have been so successful without the help of the community. ...
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Does the initial `:` in a TI-BASIC program count?

According to this meta post, TI-BASIC is scored in tokens rather than characters, to more accurately reflect the byte count in-memory. On my graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition), the ...
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How should answers that time out be judged?

Suppose a challenger submits a code-golf challenge to do a particular task, together with test inputs. (That is, they've determined that, in order to be convinced that the code in an answer correctly ...
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How to handle large, complex challenges and built-ins?

I want to make a complicated code golf challenge (with a time limit ;). In this particular case I want people to golf the Elliptic-Curve Method to factorization. Now there are two issues with ...
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Can machine code be separated into several parts with fixed distance?

Opcode can have JMP command jumping to an address that also mean another instruction: ...
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Is the interpreter part of the language or a separate language?

As I understand it, for our purposes a language is more or less defined by its implementation. That's one of the reasons why a program like Vim can also be "language". You just count keystrokes ...
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Is asking for a bounded time complexity allowed?

Say, if someone asks for a code-golf like this: Test primality under polynomial time Given a positive integer, test whether it is prime. Rules The algorithm must have polynomial time complexity in ...
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Atomic Golf COBOL (IBM Enterprise COBOL)

Just to make it clear, Atomic Golf COBOL will not be a competitive golfing language. The longer the shortest answer (80+, the longer the better) the more possible to get close, however, COBOL is very ...
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Are there specific types of code golf challenges on this site?

I posted a question in hope of starting a shortest code challenge, but it seems to attract lots of downvotes and the only answer tried to help as a programming problem. One comment on the question ...
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What loopholes should be assumed when a name-specific file is used for code golf?

I have posted this golfing tip for Bash before: In Pure Bash (or any other pure shellscript), use . for looping. It's a tip that recomments using a file whose the ...
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Can we assume computer be fast enough?

Consider such a question Take a program P and an integer n, check whether P halts. You may ...
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Are kernel-mode functions and kernel modules valid code-golf answers?

In general, user-mode processes have a much richer API environment available (through stdlib, and other libraries you can possibly import), than does (Linux) kernel-mode code. However there are some ...
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New code-golf metric : Efficiency*characters

So, I thought about a new metric of code-golf, the code with the smallest value wins. The value is calculated by characters*time to run. So if you use an programming language like python, it's very ...
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