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For questions about the code-trolling genre, currently an off-topic genre.

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42 votes
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We need to take an official stance on code trolling

Here's our to-do list for the project: Close all existing code-trolling questions (or maybe re-tag those three I mentioned). status-declined - if locked or deleted, closing might not matter, so we ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Has underhanded been getting too much like code-trolling?

Some time after the Great code-trolling Purge, a huge wave of popularity-contest underhanded questions emerged. Are some of the underhanded questions too broad and hence facing similar issues to ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Should we kill code-bowling?

What exactly is the difference between code-bowling and code-trolling? In February 2011, our first code-bowling question turned up. Over two years ago, this meta post turned up. It asked whether ...
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26 votes
8 answers

Code-troll rules [duplicate]

This is a discussion about the rules. Actual rules can be found in The first ever question with code-trolling tag (I need a program where ...
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37 votes
8 answers

Is code trolling getting out of control?

I don't have anything against code-trolling. I think it's a creative idea and a nice break from other, more serious, questions. But I also think it's going a little bit out of hand. I'm beginning to ...
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1 answer

Which code trolling questions are worth keeping?

It looks like code-trolling's days are numbered. There seems to be overwhelming consensus that the tag is bad for the site, and should be removed. Before we stamp it out, there are a few things that ...
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3 answers

Automatic code-trolling disclaimer

One of the rules for posting a code-trolling question is to clearly state that the question is a code-trolling question. Therefore most questions include the below disclaimer recommended by the tag's ...
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